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Please be reminded that for all Masses, our churches have limited capacities because of COVID-19 restrictions. The dispensation from our obligation to come to Mass given by Bishop O’Connell for the Diocese of Trenton is still in effect. You don’t have to come to church. However, some Masses will be live-Streamed. Check the links on the right.

Please continue to use your envelopes.  Your  continued support is greatly appreciated.  Envelopes may be mailed to the rectory office or dropped off in designated areas in church during the weekend masses.  Online donations are also accepted.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to enroll in Parish Giving if you have not done so already.

Mission Statement

Through the intercession of Mary our Mother and Saint Jerome, we the parish families of Our Lady of Hope are called to live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We strive to grow as a vibrant and welcoming community through worship, evangelization, and ministry to those in need by sharing the resources, time, and talents given to us by God.


Celebrating the year of St. Joseph.  For further information, click on the tab for Faith Formation




Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Every year at this time, I reach out to the faithful of the Diocese of Trenton to ask for your help and support of the Annual Catholic Appeal. But as we all know, this not just “another year.” I am mindful that I am coming to you during a time that has been and remains very challenging.

At times of need, I often think of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who committed her whole life to serving the most dire needs of the poor, the homeless, the sick she found in the streets. She was known to have said: “I can do things you cannot; you can do things I cannot; but together we can do great things.”

Throughout the pandemic, the Diocese and our parishes have remained steadfast in serving our communities in spite of the challenges, perhaps even more so. All this work requires resources. None of it can happen without you and your support. However, as St. Teresa reminds us: “Together we can do great things.”

And so, I come to you again and ask that you prayerfully consider a gift to the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal so we, together, may continue the work of strengthening parish and family life, evangelizing our community and our world, and reaching out to those in need with love and compassion. Please give what you can.

I am profoundly grateful for your past generosity and for whatever support you can provide for the significant work that lies ahead.

Yours in Christ,

Most Reverend David M. O’Connell, C.M.
Bishop of Trenton